fine art
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artist statement: art has been a way for me to test, question and reflect upon the environments (man-made vs natural) we live in, conceptions of self and our ever-shifting histories, identities, truths and meaning within our complex political and social structure. the works are an instinctive and emotional visual responses which speak on a multitude of levels.

A range of materials, technology, data, media, personal history and personal contexts intersect to explore everyday life through art objects, casting them into a larger, broader social and political light.

My current work seeks to engage the community in this dialogue, by linking to and manipulating expected structures within art and food — whether social, gendered and/or racial – via histories and expectations — with a goal to question, educate and foster action through fellowship and social practice.

brief cv
  • Herron School of Art, BFA General Fine Arts

juried shows and awards
  • 2007: Half of What We Are Is Broken IUPUI Cultural Arts Gallery/ collaboration
  • 2004: Americana 805 S. Meridian/ group show
  • 2004: Art and Social Justice Colfax Cultural Center/juried show
  • 2004: The Print Show Mitchell Place Gallery/juried show
  • 2003: 2003: Flatland: Billboards in the Crossroads of America SoFA Gallery + Y.A.H
  • 2003: Ink Paper DiscourseIndianapolis Public Library College Ave. Branch Solo Show
  • 2001: 2001: Senior ShowHerron School of Art/ Honorable mention
  • 1996: Masterpiece in a DayGroup show/ Honorable mention